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Posted by Mike Gazo on

We launched this new website in early January.  The intent was to provide more information to our customers about what we offered for party /event/wedding rentals. What we tried to offer was a shopping cart to allow our customers to put together the rental items needed for their event and see how much it would cost.

To our surprise, not only did our customers use the shopping cart feature, they placed orders online.  This is a first for the Greater Toronto Area in terms of party/event/wedding rentals being offered to rent online in a seamless process that allows for either delivery or pickup of your rental order.  Something that we are kinda proud of.

So....please, take your time to view our website.  Take the time to put together what you need for your event.  When you are done and your rental needs are complete, place your  order, whether for delivery or pickup.  We will take it from there and make it happen.

That simple and that easy.   

Now go and take care of all those other things that are important to you.  

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