Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers

We've been thinking about you all and miss communicating with you everyday.  The uncertainty imposed upon businesses, families and communities is unprecedented.  At Perfect Party Event Rentals, we share your concerns and are committed to helping you through these challenging times.

Many people have had to scale back or postpone their life's milestones, and we will be here through every step to make sure each and every clients concern is addressed.

Perfect Party Event Rentals has been declared as an essential business by the Province of Ontario due to our equipment rentals.  As such, we have remained here to answer any of your questions or concerns via telephone, email or by personal appointment.  The safety of our staff and clients is of utmost importance.

Like other companies, we have instituted extra measures to comply with sanitizating measures and social distancing while remaining accessible and continuing to provide exceptional service.  Some of these measures were already in place, such as our 3 step dish, cutlery and glassware washing using a high temperature washer with 3rd stage sanitation.  Our dishes, glassware and cutlery are then sealed in food grade plastic to ensure it remains sanitized until you are ready to use it.   

All of our other equipment, tables, chairs, linens, table accessories will be thoroughly sanitized before it leaves our facility and immediately upon return.

For safety of our staff and clients, all employees handling product will be required to wear gloves and masks and practice social distancing.

We are also happy to offer contactless ordering and drop off.  You can order online, by phone or email.  For delivery we are happy to leave items on your doorstep or in a garage so you do not need to be in direct contact with the delivery team. When you are finished, pack everything back up in the containers that they were delivered in and we will return and pick up the rental equipment and clean it all.   You clean nothing.

Our showroom is available by appointment only to ensure we comply with social distancing measures and provincial guidelines.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

Thank you for being a Valued Customer.


Melanie Cougle

General Manager

Perfect Party Event Rentals