I am having a Saturday wedding reception. When can I pick-up my rentals and when are they due back?

We understand that the days leading up to your wedding reception are full of many errands to prepare for the big day.  If you have a Saturday reception, you can simply arrange pick-up for your rental order on the Thursday or Friday.  The rentals can then be returned to us on the following Monday.  There are no additional charges for pick-up orders.  Our 1 day rental fee consists of a 1 day to 4 day period.

Do you charge for delivery?

 Yes we do. Delivery fees are based on the location (kilometer range).  Additional charges on top the regular fee will be applied if we are required to deliver to locations that are not main floor accessible, or the delivery is scheduled outside our regular operating hours (late night or early morning deliveries or pick-ups).  Due to liability issues,  we do not deliver up or down interior stairs to basements or upper-level locations.

Why is there an extra charge for a time specific delivery?

Specific delivery times require us to dedicate a full delivery team to your event.  This makes routing multiple deliveries on that same truck difficult and in some cases not feasible.  We rely on our drivers and assistants to load and deliver numerous orders based on the routes and schedules created for efficiency and speed.  Specific time deliveries/pick-ups deviate from our typical timelines.

I am having a backyard event.  Do I need a Tent?

The short answer is, "Plan for the worst weather and hope for the best".  Most backyard events are held in the Spring and Summer months.  However, not all days are picture perfect.  If it rains, you do not want to leave your guests uncovered and wet.  At the same time if it is hot, you will want to consider protecting your guests from the heat pf the sun.

Can I book my tent at the last minute depending on what the weather will be?

You can, but you run the risk of us not having any tents available. During the busy months of May to October, much of our tent inventory is booked almost every weekend. We strongly suggest that you book your tent in advance. Don't be left in the rain, or in the sun.

What size tent do I need?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining tent size. Number of guests is the most important. Are they being seated for a dinner or is it a cocktail event that will not require seating for every guest? Do you need space for a bar, dance floor, buffet table, or lounge furniture? We are happy to meet with you and go over all the factors to determine the proper tent size for you. We will also do a site inspection at the location where the tent is to be installed to ensure it will fit properly and will not be obstructed by trees, electrical wires above and below ground and other underground utilities.  Inspections are $75.00, which can be credited towards your rental order should you choose to book with us. If you have placed a deposit on an order, the inspection is done at no cost. 

What size dance floor do I need for my event?

At any event, no more than 50% of the people in attendance are typically on the dance floor at any one time. 

We currently offer:

12' x 12'  which accommodates 36 guests dancing at one time. On average, this is the perfect size floor for an event of 100 guests or less. 

12' x 16' which accommodates 48 guests dancing at one time. On average, this is the perfect size floor for an event of 192 guests or less. 

How much glassware do I need for my event?

For a sit down dinner, one water glass and one wine glass per setting is typical.  For a cocktail reception only, we suggest 1.5 glasses per guest per beverage type (rocks glass, highball or pilsner).  This calculation also works great for determining how much glassware you would need for a bar service after dinner has concluded, and the dancing and other festivities begin.

I am renting dishes, cutlery and glassware. Do I have to wash them before I return them?

You do not have to wash a thing. For dishes, simply scrape any remaining food into the trash and return them to the plastic bag lined crates that they came in. When the crate is full, tie the plastic bag closed. Please do not remove the plastic liner bags when unpacking your dishes. They are there to help prevent a mess when the crate is full of the used dishes. For the glassware, we ask that you please empty each glass and return it to the proper sized glass flat that they came in. For cutlery return it to the plastic lined crate they came in.  Our incredible dishwashing staff wash, sanitize and repackage all our rental products when they are returned to our facility.

What if I spill wine on my rented linen?

Most food and beverage stains are easily removed from our linen.  When you rent linens, you are also provided with a linen bag for the storage and return of the linen after use.  Shake the linens clean of any food or loose items and then place them in the linen bags.  Please, no not put linens into plastic bags when returning.  This encourages mold to grow immediately, especially in hot summer months.  Also, do not use open candles on linens as any hot wax drips on the linen and cannot be removed and are considered damaged.  Linens returned ripped, with burn holes, soiled with mold, paint, marker or wax are completely damaged and the customer will be charged for full replacement cost(s).  Replacement costs vary per linen size, shape and material.

Do you set up the rentals when you deliver them?

We will gladly deliver your rentals to your home or venue where your event is being held. We can also provide set-up service of certain rental items for an additional fee. This service is very valuable to our customers who do not have the time or resources available to set up items such as tables and chairs. Please contact us to determine set up fees for your rentals. Set up fees for tents, dance floors, harvest tables, staging, and pipe and drape is included in the rental cost.

Do I need to be present to receive a rental delivery?

You do not need to be present when your order is delivered. However, it is your responsibility to provide a secure and weather protected area for the items to be delivered to as you are responsible for loss or damage.

Who is responsible if something breaks, gets damaged or is missing?

You are responsible for all rentals that are left in your care during your rental period until they are returned. Accidents do happen and dishes, glassware, etc...can end up broken. When rental items are being used and/or stored outside, it is your responsibility to ensure they are not damaged from inclement weather.  We charge for missing or damaged items upon return.  Replacement cost varies per item.

I would like to book my rental items well before my event date, but I am not sure of my guest count at such an early stage. Can I make changes closer to the event date?

We will gladly take your order months in advance and ask that you estimate your guest count at that time. We then reserve that inventory for you by way of deposit. We suggest aiming high with your quantities and reduce your numbers closer to the event (no later than 7 days prior to the delivery or in-store pick up date). We encourage all our customers to plan well ahead. By booking your rental order early, you ensure that you will get getting exactly what you want.

Do you have a minimum rental amount?

We do not have a rental minimum; however, some items are stored and sealed in certain quantities for sanitary reasons. Items such as:

Dishes: rented in multiples of 5.

Cutlery: rented in multiples of 5.

Can I adjust my rental order before the event date?

We allow rental order adjustments up to 7 days before the delivery or in-store pick-up date with the exception of tents. Once booked, tents cannot be removed from an invoice. Adjustments after this period can cause disruption to our processes and are subject to product availability and discretion of management. Once an order is packed, we cannot remove items.

How do I pay for my rental order?

We accept debit, credit card, e-transfer, and cash. Rental orders are not confirmed until we receive a 25% non-refundable deposit. Receipt of the deposit reserves the the rental inventory for your event. We also require a completed Terms and Conditions form on file upon booking which is used as a damage/security waiver. If the rental order is being delivered, the balance is due 7 days prior to the delivery date. If the order is scheduled for customer pick-up, the balance is due no later than the day of pick-up. Prepayments for pick-up orders are greatly appreciated, as they make for a quick and easy transaction for the client and our staff on the scheduled pick-up date. 



Why do I need to fill out the Terms and Conditions form?

Every rental order must be secured with a valid Vias or Mastercard. No Exceptions. Visa debits are not accepted and cannot be used to srucure your rentals. The credit card information is provided by you, the customer, on the Terms and Conditions waiver located on the last page of your invoice. We do not process payments on the credit card unless there is an overdue balance, rental items are returned late, missing, or damaged. For missing or damaged items, the replacement cost of the item is charged to the card provided on the Terms and Conditions. Clients are always notified by phone or email of any discrepancies. With managements discretion, if missing items are located and returned in a timely manner, the client may be reimbursed for the missing fee. 

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

Cancellations result in the loss of the 25% deposit paid at the time of booking. We encourage our clients to choose a postponement date, if possible. We will check inventory to be sure the items originally booked are available for the new date and simply reschedule your delivery or pick-up date. The new date must fall within the same calendar year as the original booking. We cannot postpone orders without a new date.