Bar Glassware - How Many?

Posted by Mike Gazo on

This is a question that comes up every day.  You are organizing your event and are trying to determine everything you need.  Tables, chairs, linens, china and cutlery,  easy.  That can be determined by your guest count.  For weddings you guess this amount months before and then adjust once your final guest count is in.  For events where you are not sure who is walking through the door, you have to make your best guess.  

With glassware, it's a little more complicated.  Everyone eats one meal but has more than one drink.  The rental industry has come up with a formula to assist determining how many glasses will be needed for an event.

 Glass Type Guests 25-50 Guests 50-100 Guests 100-200
Water 1 1 1
Wine 1.5 1.75 2
Highball 2 3 4
Rocks/Old Fashion .5 .5


Beer/Pilsner .5 .5



The above chart does not take into consideration any specialty glassware that you may need for your event.  Examples would be Shooter Glasses, Martini Glasses, Margarita Glasses or a glass for a signature drink that you may be considering serving.

Hope this helps you in planning your event.  Cheers!

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