Harvest Tables - Homemade

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Harvest Table brings to mind a feast with food, family and friends.  A time to celebrate the bountiful season.  This simple table from generations past has become a focal point again.  A place to sit at and celebrate an occasion that will last a lifetime.  The occasion this time is dominated by wedding celebrations.  

Our first harvest tables were built over 3 years ago.  Since then we have had to add more and more tables to ensure we could help every customer celebrate their event.  We are still adding to our inventory today.  They are made by us.

The knotty pine timber used to make our tables comes from Northunberland County.  Local timber.  This is important to us and we hope you too.

Our tables are not made in China or any other country.  They are made here!  And we are very proud of this.

We tried our best to ensure that time made traditions were upheld and that the tables today best replicated traditions in the past.  

We welcome you to sit and celebrate at our tables.  They represent generations of celebrations that are filled with memories that will last many more generations.




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