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Weddings, something that has been happening for 1,000's of years.  So many cultures, so many traditions.  Once you start down this path you create a life long experience.  In Canada we are referred to as a Cultural Mosaic, not a Melting Pot.  We are all here as Canadians be we celebrate our cultural diversity.  This also applies when it comes to celebrating weddings and there are so many cultural traditions to follow.  Culture is a part of wedding celebrations.  We all witness this every weekend during the busy wedding season.  Our cultural diversity sets us apart from so many other countries and we have the unique opportunity to see and experience what happens all around the world in one country.  

Culture is definitely a part of each wedding.  In some cases it is a taste and in other cases it is emersed in the culture.  It provides a theme, a tone for the event.  

Another part of the wedding experience that has been a part of many weddings is the "me" experience.   This is my day.  Its all about me.  Planning, preparation and execution was focused on me.  Yes it is your day and it is a lifetime experience and memory.  You want that memory to be perfect in every way and you plan every detail to do that.  This "me" focus is now changing.

This change has been happening for a while now but it is definitely here.  The focus is widening and the experience is expanding.  We socalize all our lives.  We constantly find new friends, expand our horizons and experience life with new and bigger groups of friendships.  They are what enrich our lives.  They make life happen.

When we get to the point of our lives where we are planning a wedding, we are now focusing more attention to the experience of our family, our friends, our guests.  We want them to have the best experience at our special day.  We want to pay forward all the positive soclal experiences we have been so fortunate to have.  

So...lets talk about the "we" in wedding planning.  I have to say this is one of the best things that I have experienced working in the wedding industry over the past 30 years.  This focus on "we".  We want our friends and family to experience our special day and never forget it.  We want our day to be for our friends, our family,  the people we interact and work with.  And we are planning our wedding with this in mind.

The best part is you do not have to be told how to do "we".  You just do it.  Simply give back.  Focus on your family, friends and co-workers.  These are the people who have affected and shaped your lives.  Now give it back.  Make your best day of the year their best experience.  

Make your day their day.  Make the "me' a "we".


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