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When you are having a wedding the venue is important. 

Why did you pick it or are considering it?  Does it reflect you.  Most don’t, not a criticism, just that you are you.  Sometimes its convenience in terms of location.  Sometimes it is price.  Ultimately you have to make a decision and then move forward and shape your vision for your event.  This is when decisions are important, attention to detail are important and when you spent the bulk of your time here at this point in time, you will spend less time stressing event day and more time actually enjoying the day. 

To give some perspective to this, there are over 3 million weddings in North America each year.  That’s 3 million wedding dresses.  There are 1,000’s of wedding dress designers in North America alone.  Include the rest of the world, factor in repurpose of existing wedding dresses and you will see just how much choice there is out there for a wedding dress.  This is a very important part of the getting married path.  Important because the dress reflects you and you want to look radiant, perfect and beautiful that day.  You already do and it simply helps punctuate that fact.  But there are other very important factors to consider.  Ceremony location, reception location, food and décor.  Some of the many factors to consider….

The focus here today is venue.  Is it important to you?  Does it reflect you?  Does it provide the atmosphere that you want that day and want your guests to experience that day?  Does it reflect you and what you want your friends and family to enjoy on the most important day of your life?  A lot of big questions.  But you can tackle this if you just take the time to create it. 

Now what about choice?  What are your venue choices?  Banquet Halls, Community Centres, Church Halls, something very popular right now, Wedding Barns.  Do they reflect you?  A wedding barn is a venue that you can certainly mold into your vision if this is your direction.  You can take a bare canvas and create your own reflection.  Another choice is an outdoor reception with a tent.  This is another bare canvas that you can create your vision with.  The difference is a barn or any other venue is stationary.  You go to it.  A tent on the other hand comes to you and you create everything.  It can provide a reception venue in the place you have cherished the most.  Your backyard, your favourite Summer vacation spot, the farm you visited and loved when growing up, the list can be endless, just like the memories that you have gathered up to this important point in time and want to cherish. 

Using tents as a venue has been around for a while.  Actually, 1,000’s of years.  Tents have been around since biblical times.  They have always provided flexibility, strength, shelter and identity.  The key here is identity.  Reflecting you.  Creating the environment that you want your family, friends, guests to experience on your most important date and event. 

So, how do you proceed once you have decided that this is your venue?  You have so many choices.  Not quite as many as the dress.  However, the choice that makes you feel the single most beautiful person that day is also leading to the choice of having your guests experience what you are experiencing that day.  A beautiful venue. 

You can use the tent to bring all of the important people in your life to the place that means the most to you.  Give them the opportunity to experience what you have experienced.  It could be incredible sunsets, lush gardens, tranquil fields of corn, wheat, cows, beautiful trees, a beautiful lake.  Whatever you cherish and want to share with your guests, you can certainly do this with a tent.   


Hopefully the point that has been made here is that you don’t just choose a venue and move on.  You choose a venue and then ensure it reflects you.   Take the time necessary, early in your planning process, to make sure that this one important part of your wedding day, the venue, is a reflection of you and is what you want your guests to experience on the day of your life.

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